Wednesday, August 26, 2009

An Award and Some New Lovelies For Sale

Afternoon dear followers.
How are you all today? Succeeding at dodging the rain drops we hope?
Just thought we would pop in to let you know that there are some brand new lovelies up for sale on folksy. Yep, Bex may have given herself square eyes from sitting at the laptop for too long but 'by golly' (in a toff English voice) 'she did it!' We thought it would nice if we gave our followers a little pay back for reading our ramblings so if your tempted enough to purchase any of our beautiful things leave us a message on your order and we will pop a little something extra does that sound?
We also received our first award, how exciting,Thank you very much Lucy .
O.K. so we have to list 5 current obsessions..
1. Coming up with the perfect wallet pattern: (Bex has been at this for a day she will succeed!)
2. Buttons
3. Trying to recycle as much fabric as we can. We use a lot of old clothes when we make our monsters, however there are a few designs which are hard to do with out new patterned fabric as they just don't look right... the dust bunnies for example.
4. Our secret project...fingers crossed we can tell you soon
5. Our shop...its soo important to us; and when you think we have only been working together for about 7 months it makes it seem even more crazy!
We also have to give the award to 5 other people and their blogs, ones we enjoy reading...

We'd also like to give the award to some over sea blogs, we pretty sure that the ladies who write the blogs are crazy busy most of the time, but it will give y'all out there a heads up about them, and then you can enjoy the fabtastic stuff they do!
Jenny at Sew Darn Cute
And last but by no means least Heidi at My Paper Crane

Right, thought we would finish up with a picture of our plushies in the WINDOW (that's right the window, not out back or tucked away in a corner, but in the window!) of MADE, the shop in Cirencester which sells our lovelies.




  1. Ooooh look how good your stuff looks in that window, how exciting! x

  2. Lucy took the words right out of my mouth - they look fantastic!

  3. Thank you for the award - i hadn't realised but i also did the same for you! Great minds think alike! Am loving the shop - it reminds me a little of the window in Bagpuss - exactly as a shop should be.

    Might be able to help you out with the perfect wallet pattern - what fabric are you using? I make some from leather....great as it doesn't fray!

    I can send you measurements if you like x A