Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Move Is Complete!

It's finally happened everyone!
After weeks and weeks and weeks of Bex rabbiting on about moving her work room upstairs the move is finally complete.
No pictures yet but we'll sort some out soon!
Needless to say I'm loving having a door and massive windows (the work room before was just attached to the living room and boxed in by shelves), the StuffedNonsense work train is finally getting going again! Which is good because we have a fair few fairs coming up!...a specific post on them due soon too!
For now we will leave you with some pictures of a possible new product for the StuffedNonsense shelves...

What do you think?
There's a few more designs floating around the sketch book too (if you look closely you can see them in the first picture.)
Right...more sewing is required...
See you soon!

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