Thursday, February 2, 2012

They've Made It...

Blimey! It's been a bit quiet here of late hasn't it?
We've been tinkering away on new designs and what not but havn't felt too confidant about showing them off. 
It's also been soo cold in our respective work rooms that any sewing we have been doing has been underneath a blanket...which doesn't make for blog worthy pictures! are a few pictures from this week...nothing fancy, just something to ease us back into the blog...
This furry creature is my kind of part time dog...he's called Clyde and I look after him about 3 times a week.
(I meant to post about this before that was ever going to happen)
I drew the moustache on with a ceramic pen, I made two of them for mine and Arthurs Christmas day breakfast of Hot Chocolate and they mainly get used for soup.

I've had to move my succulents upstairs where it's a bit warmer...they look quite lovely on our bedroom window sill...I feel there is no other option but to buy more and have them in every room...right?

Lastly...believe it or not we've actually got the Grizzly Geoffs up for sale over in our etsy shop
The pictures are pretty poor but I just had to get something new up there...My studio's due a move soon (upstairs to warmer climes) and I'm hoping to have a designated space for us to take the background is the same in all of our listings...these will do for now I guess.

See You Soon!


  1. Hi there!

    Found your blog and Etsy via crafty fox market blog - we are both doing a stall at the Sunday market so thought I'd come over and say hi. Love your human beans :) xoxo

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