Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Some Fabric, Some Tomatoes, A Butterfly, Some Buttons and A Bike

Freshly laundered and neatly folded vintage fabric.
Freshly picked, home grown tomatoes (i grew these!!!)
A pretty butterfly on a flower....which i also grew!
Newly purchased vintage buttons.
Arthur's newly purchased Raleigh Bicycle. It doesn't have a name like some Raleigh's do, instead it just says 'The All Steel Bicycle'....which makes me chuckle for some reason. This two wheeled wonder set Arthur back the princely sum of £15. We were in the charity shop when it got donated by a lovely old man who really loved the bike but had to get rid of it because he was too old and as he so aptly put it ' you shrink when your old you see? my doctor has told me i can't ride it any more.'
What about you guys? do you have lovely bikes? what did you take pictures of this week?
More pictures Saturday...hopefully!
I apologise for the title of this post, i was struck dumb and thought that a list of the pictures a) sounded like it could be a band name and b) was mildly amusing....
the problem being that a) i don't know much about band names and b) i have a rather rubbish (some would say bizarre) sense of humour.


  1. I think it sounds like a GREAT band name! Love the bike may need some plus fours to go with it!

  2. yay-look at those tomatoes!! well done xxxxx