Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away...

As the title suggests its raining here in fact its been raining for the last 8 hours...and i got soaked riding Caprice home from my new job (that's right, for some reason they thought it was safe to give me a job working with coffee!); But I'm all dried off now and if I'm honest have kind of enjoyed sitting in my sewing room listening to the rain fall onto the conservatory...
(just a little snap of the sewing desk; i apologise about the poor light. You can see my 75p charity shop Scandinavian style horse in the back ground, i like him.)

I went on a walk with Arthur the other day and took some pictures of lots of nice Typography whilst out and about, it would appear there are some rather nice examples around Cheltenham!
(Whats that??? Surely it can't be??? Is that really.....BLUE SKY?)
(We also popped into a Charity Book Shop and i was thoroughly tempted by the lovely burgundy book, if only for its title!!)

Well, i really should stop procrastinating and cut some lopsy lapins.
Just so you know the shops going to be shut this Friday (new job getting their heads around my availability, Also on Saturday the shops shut but we will be running a stall at the Brewery in Cheltenham which is about 10 minutes from the shop so you could come and see us there if you want??

Anyway, stay dry!


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  1. Love the Swedish Dalahäst (Scandinavian style horse) you got there. An incredible bargain as well for 75p