Sunday, September 5, 2010

What We Did on Friday...

Before i get going i feel that first i may have to apologise if there is a melancholy air to this post, its a rather hectic time here at the moment with lots to get my head around and tonight i am feeling the effects of everything. but do not fear! i have some pictures of some 'warmish' sewing that i did in the shop on Friday...

On Friday I:
Cut up, stuffed and sewed up some lovely soft grey socks...
Then i got distracted by my blue tights and £2.50 new skirt (I'm now 8 months into my not buying new clothes challenge! i cant believe that since February i have only brought clothes if they are from charity shops or 'vintage clothes shops'Following my detour i cut out some face panels and sewed on some eyes.

Then i got distracted by the washing line of Crabbittz and felt that they had to be photographed...After the 'urgent' distraction of a washing line of Crabbittz was dealt with i cut out some lovely belly shaped pieces of fabric...Then i sewed these pretty pieces of fabric onto the grey balls of loveliness in order to make some lovely Warm Thoughts...

Soo cute and soo squishable, they are now (well hopefully will be in the next few days) winging their way to MADE in Cirencester.
It was rather lovely to lose myself in some hand stitching for a few hours.
Next week (Thursday-Sunday) El and I will be at the End Of The Road Festival running more monster making workshops. We're both really excited about it but I'm worried i will be teaching 8 year olds to make monsters when i could be watching this rather wonderful lady sing her rather wonderful songs....fingers crossed hey??
Because of our trip to Dorset the StuffedNonsense will be shut, but do not fear! we will return post haste with lots of new and exciting ideas for you all!

Stay Safe!

P.S. Pictures of the most recent Craft Night In are now up on the blog, take a gander!

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  1. As cute as ever!! I can't wait to get back into blogland properly and keep up with all your lovelies...

    Have fun at the festival!