Thursday, September 16, 2010

We Rather Like Rob Ryan And His Work...

We're sure that many of you savvy people out there all ready know about this man and the wonderful things he does with paper and scissors (and probably a craft knife and other sharp cutting things); but we thought we would just mention him here....because we rather like what he does....
So, onto some pictures for y'all!
(photo taken from stellab1's flickr stream)

Wonderful plates with his designs on....

(taken from UtilityDesigns flickr stream)

(picture taken from stellab1's flickr stream)

(photo taken from Suzy Que's Flickr Stream)

He also has a lovely blog!!
Well, its been a terribly long week with far to many boring day job hours and no where near enough fun StuffedNonsense hours. Tomorrow's plans include not making a cup of coffee for a single customer, making some button jewellery and also making some Scrabble necklaces.
Hopefully the camera will be remembered and I'll take some pictures for you!
Sleep Tight.


  1. I love Robs work too, so very beautiful.

  2. wow these are beautiful! thanks for sharing :) x