Friday, October 21, 2011

Where We Do What We Do...& A Picture Of Us

 We were asked for some pictures of our studio's for some new advertising...between the both of us we don't have a super snazzy camera so our good friend Vicki (who's rather lovely and talented and who also has the sweetest little boy in the world) came over and took some snaps for us...we thought you might like to see??

This is where I do my machine trusty sewing machine is hidden behind the tower of Giraffes In Scarfs.

This is where I do all of the planning, pattern designing and cutting...(its a bit like a jumble sale but I like it...I know where everything is believe it or not) The pom poms hang down from a light in the conservatory (I put them up for one Chirstmas but got too attatched to them so they are there to stay now.

This is where I keep all of my creature making essentials.
This is where El does the designing and printing of all of our packaging...its often prone to swear words when the printer won't print properly. She got the giant Woody and the balloons from up when she worked in the cinema (we both used to work there dont'cha know...infact our respective other halfs still do!)

And this where El does the sewing...that wonderful creation you see on the desk is Nina...she's a legend in her own fact this part of El's studio is also often prone to swear words...when Nina refuses to sew. The platypus picture (top right) used to be up in our bricks and mortar shop...back in the days.

And here's El's Inspiration board/place where she sticks things up that she likes...the gold cuckoo clock used to hand in the shop too.

And here's us...gross i know but we were assured that people like to know what the people who make things look like...soo this is what me and El look like...Thats me on the right in the blue top and thats El on the right with the Scrabble neclace on. We often (as in at least once a week) get asked if we're sisters...we're not but its kind of funny that people think we like we are.
Right...I think thats enough for today...hope you enjoyed your little tour around our studios.

P.S. I'm sorry about the unevenly spaced gaps between the pictures and the paragraphs...i've been trying to get the picture to go in the right palces for the last half hour and Bloggers not playing so this is the best I could do.


  1. Yes I did enjoy the tour, thanks nice to be nosy. Not gross at all, why are we always so critical of ourselves. Your studio is so cool, love the pom poms I wish I had a room of my own, so fed up having to clear dining room table every few hours. Have a good weekend. xx

  2. well hello to the both of you, i must say thankyou very much for showing us around everything looks so organised, it must e so nice to have a room set up especially for you to do your sewing, im kind of squeezed into a corner of a room. Really noe enough room for everthing x lovely to meet oth of you x helen x

  3. Loving the nosey around your work spaces. I have to say, you do have a bit of a 'Sisters' look going on, I think when people are good friends they also sometimes take on each other's mannerisms and tones in talking etc, so maybe that's why people ask....? Bethx

  4. lovely to see your sewing studios and your bits and bobs...i think i may have jar and button envy now!safxxx