Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Following the funk I found myself in earlier this week (thank you for your lovely advice!) I decided to just crack on and get over it! It seems to have worked, I've spent my day cutting and pinning fabric for some more Giraffes In Scarves.

 Also been playing around with some spotty fabric and lace in the hope of coming up with some Human Bean Christmas you think it matters that in terms of Christmas stock we mainly have decorations (& Christmas cards...coming soon)? I wonder if we should have other products as well?
Whilst snipping and pinning I took some (rubbish) pictures of my notice board...its a bit of mess but I like the bits and pieces that are up there...there's a few old family pictures, and some other bits and pieces which I've pinned up due to my magpie like tendencies!
The picture on the bottom left is of my mum and dad before they were married, it always makes me smile.

Anyway...I'll be back soon hopefully with new/ more Giraffe's In Scarves.

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  1. I think before Christmas it's nice to have Christmas stock and other things. I certainly look for presents that are for all year round, not just Christmas, when doing my festive shopping. Looking forward to seeing your finished Christmas Human Beans!
    Dawn x