Sunday, October 16, 2011

We have a winner! (or two)

You need wait no more dear followers! The give away has been drawn...the Autumn sunshine must have put us in a good mood because we decided to draw two names out of the vintage mustard yellow Le Creuset saucepan which I knew would come in handy one day (I love it too much to risk it getting burnt so I just keep in on the side and lovingly look at it from time to time;) But that's enough fawning over a pan (even though it is truly wonderful) onto the winners!
I like writing so instead of going for one of those random number generator gizmo's I wrote out the names of the the right of this picture you can see the evolution of a Giraffe in a Scarf
You cant blame me for this really is a wonderful pan!                                                                                                 
And here are the names of the winners!

 So, if Littlebirdy Designs and Gill could get in touch via email ( we will set about sending your Human Beans out to you!

All of this give away excitement has gone to my head, I'm off to sew snowflakes and make a button necklace!


  1. Yippee!!!
    Thank you so much!
    and congratulations to littlebirdydesigns too!
    I love the yellow Le Creuset! is it a new colour??
    emailing you now!

  2. Well done to the winners! I look forward to seeing the snowflakes, we have finally moved into Autumn here with some colder weather so the idea of snow is much more appealing. Bethx