Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I'm supposed to be knuckling down from now on...which means that whenever I'm not at the day job (a.k.a. pint pulling job) I'm supposed to be cutting, and sewing, and stuffing, and sewing up and packaging up and all the other related activities...but I'm finding there are rather alot of distractions...
Distraction Number One.
When I'm working I give myself frequent coffee breaks...and occasionally on said coffee breaks I'll pop into town for a nicer than instant coffee...and occasionally (as in every time) when I pop into town for a nicer than instant coffee I'll pop into the charity shops and find something good...like this wool (which I didn't buy, instead I took a picture because the packaging made me smile)
Distraction Number 2:
When I'm supposed to be doing something else I seem to develop an amazing ability to notice tiny little things that I wouldn't normally notice. Once I notice these things I then have to take pictures of them (even if they are only a lump of moss, a feather and a pretty leaf)
Distraction Number Three:
I'm a magazine fiend, I love them, I love the smell of them, I love the weight of a newly purchased one in my bag, I love the stock of the paper, I love the articles, I love the pictures, I love the thought / daydream that one day StuffedNonsense will be in one.
Distraction Number Four:
Clyde...and his need for me to play tug of war with his string of sausages..what can I say?...I'm a sucker for a little dog that sometimes looks like a pig.

I fear that if I continue to list distractions then I will have to put up Distraction Number Five: Writing Blog Posts
What do you do for distractions??


  1. Hell. Thank you for the nice comments you have left for me. I remember seeing your stall at The Crafty Fox market! Glad you liked your bear! I am very easily distracted, as you are...I think blogs are the worst culprit though...anything that goes well with a cup of tea and a sit down! I like Oh Comely...I must score myself some Frankie mags....they look right up my street. Have a lovely day :)

  2. Sorry, that should say ‘hello’! Hell was a bit harsh!! :)

  3. I see you used a trip to the post office as another distraction... I got my Human Bean yesterday! Thank you so much. I love her :) She has had a wee feature over on my blog today.