Monday, June 6, 2011

Things That Brought A Smile To My Face Today...

1)Having a coffee & cream cheese bagel with my superdooper boyfriend in a superdooper lovely local cafe.
2)Walking home and seeing two men sat outside a barbers playing backgammon in the sunshine.
3)Stopping off at the local craft shop to buy a bag of ric-rac and lacy trims and as a consequence of which walking the rest of the way home with a rather goofy grin on my face.
(As you can see it was quite a grin inducing bag of ric-rac and lace trim)

4)Spending my day making 'Human Beans' and the fact that spending my day making 'Human Beans' is my part time job and in a few years time it will (hopefully) be my full time job.
I must say a very big thank you to Laura, all of the fabric used in these human beans were very generously given to me from her after I won one of her thank you lovely lady)
(8 of them all together, I'm thinking that most will be put into pairs and ,fingers crossed, be put on the etsy and folksy shops on Thursday)

I do apologise if this a bit of a sickly sweet post for you but its been a while since I've really enjoyed making and i was beginning to worry that it had lost the spark but after today's hours in the studio I'm pleased to say my spark is back! (because I knew you guys were worrying about it as much as me!)
Hope you enjoyed the Beans


  1. They look fan'beaningly'tastic! Our sunshine was hidden today by a massive black raincloud. I'm hoping it will fight it's way through tomorrow. I am glad that you had such a productive day! Sue x

  2. Just how cute are those beans!! xx Just discovered your fab blog

  3. I thought that fabric looked familiar! ;) Human beans are so cute. I have given them a wee mention over on my blog and pinched a couple of your pictures. Hope that's OK.


  4. I love number 2!! that would hugely cheer me up too xx

  5. Hello ladies, any luck with finding whats left of my items? Not heard anything since I gave you my address?