Thursday, June 2, 2011

New! Human Beans....

Isn't it quite lovely when you have an idea in your brain box or sketch book for a long time and then you eventually get around to making your idea and it turns out just as you wanted it too??
I can actually remember doodling these guys before I started working with El on StuffedNonsense.
Its really good to have finally prised them out of the deep recesses of my head...
What do you think?
They are going to be called 'Human Beans'
I'm very taken with their little outfits and as a consequence there are several pages in my sketch book full of different types!
They are the perfect size to fit into tiny little Kraft card boxes....
Like so.
I dont think they will always be in pairs, i just got a bit obsessed with making these two match.
Sooooo, yay? or nay?

Must dash, time to get my hair snipped.


  1. I love them! they are super cute as a pair too x

  2. The Human Beans are FAB! I love them and they remind me of a book my brother used to read....can't remember what but it has a 'Human Bean' factory in it. Bethx

    PS assume the book was about baked beans characters....I think....going to a human bean factory. this is going to bug me now.

  3. I think they work really well on their own AND as pairs, pairs would make great wedding presents x