Monday, May 30, 2011

Birthday Party.

Saturday was my birthday party (my actual birthday is this Wednesday coming), i had a super fantastic time. I was surrounded by my super fantastic friends, i drank lots of super fantastic gin and ate lots of super fantastic food, i danced lots of super fantastic dance moves (which in hindsight probably weren't all the super or all that fantastic) and i laughed lots of super fantastic laughs. Thank you to all who came, you guys really are....well...
Super Fantastic.
Here are some pictures taken by the lovely vicki of Lilley Stitches (pssst...we do an allotment together dontcha know?...and we also drink coffee together...and go to charity shops and boot fairs together...shes quite lovely), and a few taken by El on her fancy new phone.
(thanks to my super fantastic mum and dad who understand the need for such a wonderful mustard yellow pleated dress in their eldest child's life (I apologise for the stupid grin about my face.)
(This young man was the number one dance partner...the cheeky raspberry munching monkey!...he's vicki's (and johnnys) little man.
(See!! number one dancing partner! we were twirling for some time!)
(I apologize to all my friends that were there...but this canine was my favorite party guest...may I present to you...Clyde Edskip, he's the canine companions of two of our dear friends and it was an honour to have him at my party!)
(Don't even get me started on this incredible lady on the left, she's been with me through thick and thin and she will be for the rest of my life, her names Amy and I've known her for just over 10 years now, the dashing young fella on her right is Jack (he was my gin drinking buddy) the crochet poncho he has on was mine but now it is could i take it away when he obviously loves and appreciates it for the wonder that it is!)

Well, i figured probably seen enough pictures of a tipsy lady in a yellow dress, i'll leave you to enjoy your bank holiday!

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  1. Your dress is lovely! and it looks like it all went well! Happy Birthday to you for Weds. Clyde is super cute. Sue x