Thursday, May 26, 2011

Our Sincere Apologies.

We're terribly sorry for our absence from this little virtual space...we're still alive don't worry. The same old excuses really its just been a bit manic...and with everything else we've had going on its been a bit harder than normal to cope and manage stuff. We've kind of self medicated this week as a week off (its Bex's birthday soon and we're having a little party on Saturday to celebrate) but we promise to be back soon with some pictures and better stories than our excuses for not posting here more.
In the mean a few pictures that we snapped whilst out and about.
Cutting and Sticking:nice pictures destined for Bex's 'Things That I Like Book'
Moris Minor Traveller Love: When we 'grow up' we want to drive a moris minor traveller...just like this one.
Dot On Her Two Wheeled Bike: This little lady (who is called Dorothy and is Arthurs baby sister) learnt to ride a bike with no stabilisers!!
Craft Fair Cases: Suitcases laden with Craft Fair goodies.
Crabbittz In A Basket: En-Route to El's house to be all sewn up.

Hang in there folks, we'll be back to normal soon (fingers crossed)

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