Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Give Away & Something New...

Ohhhhh...the magic 'G' word!
This is our 100th post and we thought it would be nice to hold a little give away in celebration.This past month has been a rather trying one and this blog has been an almost constant relief. To be able to come here and see what all of you crafty people are up to is a pleasure...sooo thank you, and 'heres to another 100'

This past month there has also been a flurry in new creatures emerging from the StuffedNonsense studio; there's been
Long Johns,
Frowny Puss'
Sweet Cheeks,
Slim Jims,
Little Aprils,
& Hup Two's.

Theres a few more critters waiting in the shadows too...including this guy
He's almost right, we're just waiting for the right nose. They are supposed to be akin to wombats (but with the nose he's got here he looks more like a bear) Do no fear though...we've found the right ones and are just waiting for them to be delivered. The idea is that they have a little pouch/pocket on their front which will have a piece of paper inside it and written on that piece of paper will be something to make you happy...for example 'the smell of freshly cut grass' etc etc. We think we will call them 'Wombats of Happiness'...what do you think??

Anyway, back to the giveaway.
If you would like to win one of our newer creatures (or in fact one of older ones...take a peek at our folksy shop, our etsy shop or our flickr account) all you have to do is tell us: if you could have a Wombat of Happiness what would you like its happy thought to say??
Sound like a deal?? off to make some dust bunny keyrings (how seasonal...kind of)
Happy Easter.


  1. Wombats of happiness sound like a very good idea. I'd like to find a note saying "The Welsh word for microwave is popty ping." This recent discovery has had me smiling most of this week :)

  2. I love the idea of the Womabats of Happiness. Um...I would like to find a note saying: "Hug me, baby."


  3. Mine would say "smiley sunflowers on a summer's day" :)
    karen s
    twannywun at hotmail dot com

  4. oh he's soooo cute but we love all your creations. Our happy thought is 'icecream'

    Kate (and Annis)

  5. what creative little things, love them well i suppose a happy thought for me would have to be the word 'LOVE and HAPPINESS' have a wonderfull weekend
    helen x

  6. I saw the Wombats of Happiness at the Folk House Flea Market today and thought they were adorable. I would want one to say, "fresh bedsheets".