Friday, April 1, 2011

Still Here...

...Just about.
Sorry for the lapse in StuffedNonsense news.
Lots and lots have been happening.
Since our last post we have kissed goodbye to our bricks and mortar shop...which is a bit sad but a bit exciting at the same time; it now means we can concentrate on taking StuffedNonsense onto the next level (sorting out the business plan, sorting out the website, sorting out some savings, sorting out some new stockists...and lots of other grown up things like that)
In the midst of the shop removal we have been trying to frantically prepare for a craft fair in London...which is this Sunday ( and yes we are freaking out about the lack of stock...but we wouldn't be StuffedNonsense if weren't chronically unprepared for anything)
We also found out an extra super special shop called The Maisonette would like to stock are creations! Its crazy good news, as they were one of the first shops we approached since the shop closing; so its given us lots of confidence in our products and also in our approach to possible stockists. The shop looks soo wonderful, im gutted that StuffedNonsense is in Cheltenham and many many miles away from Glasgow. The Maisonette has also just opened an internet shop which is rather dandy too...why not head over and have a gander (im 100% certain you wont be dissapointed)
Right...soo heres a sprinkling of pictures....
This cute little desk used to be in the corner of the shop but now its my work in progress desk (full of: four Hup 2,3's waiting for labels, ten Little Aprils waiting for their cardboard tags and twenty one dustbunnies waiting for eyes...i mentioned it has to be done by Sunday didn't i?)
These guys are new and in the same 'range' as the Long Johns...they are called Slim Jims (we're still ironing out the creases in their background story)
Again, in the same range as the Long Johns...this one is called a Frowny Puss'...
And this one is called a Sweet Cheeks....i LOVE the fabric its body is made out of...i want to make PJ's out of it.

What do you thing to the new guys?? Will they fit in under the StuffedNonsense roof?
These ones are still on paper but will be given a lease of life between this craft fair (on Sunday don'tcha know) and the next one (a two week gap in case your wondering...we must be mad)
Hopefully we will be back soon
(please feel free to send soothing and calming thoughts/comments our way)

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  1. Hi Ladies,
    Do you still have the same email address? Emailed twice but not had a reply.