Sunday, April 17, 2011

We're Not Very Good At This...

Dear followers i'm soo terribly sorry to all of you for being unbelievably rubbish at keeping everything up to date.
The last month has been at times really rather hard and upsetting for us and at other times it has been truly amazing.
Soo...shall we start with the hard stuff (i'll hold your hand if you hold my a year and a half ago myself and Arthur ,my partner, (i know that sounds silly but after over six years together boy friend doesn't really seem to cut it does it?) found out that his dad was terminally ill with a brain tumour. He held on for much longer then we thought but last week he past away peacefully in his sleep. He was terribly ill and to see him suffering as much as he was was heart breaking. Whilst it is terribly sad that he has gone, in some ways it is a relief to know that he can now rest without any pain.

I was in two minds as to if i should write about this here but as its one of the main reasons as to why things have been so quiet around here. The whole family is holding up OK and right now we are just piecing everything back together again...trying to get back to normality.

Its not all been sad this month though.
On the 3rd of April we had a stall at the first ever Norwood Feast.
It went soo well, we had an awful lot of fun (even if we did get lost) and we even sold out of some stuff!
We also put the finishing touches on our first order from The Maisonette (i've literally just finished sellotaping the address onto the box!)
Yesterday we were at the second Crafty Fox Pop Up Market at The Dogstar in Brixton. It was an awful lot of fun and we met lots of lovely people. I had no choice but to be frugal with my purchases ( thanks to my pitiful bank balance) so i left with this really lovely wooden wren brooch
I brought it from Fabric took me ages to make my choice (i had to go and get arthur to come and help me!)
and the lovely El and John brought me this awesome bear print from seventy tree..
i love that the picture is made up of the word 'bear' written over and over again.
In other good news i've spent the last two and a half hours listing items on our folksy shop and also on our etsy shop...have a gander if you like.

Well...i imagine that things will still be a bit quiet around here for a bit longer....we've still got some fixing to do...but rest assured i'll be back on full cylinders soon.


  1. Hi sweets...Mr. Long John is happy in his new home! I have featured him in a blog post and have given links to your shop...hope that's ok with you. Here is a link to it if you want to see it:

    Was nice to meet you on Saturday!

  2. Hello. Just a flying visit to say... I was dropping off some stock at the Maisonette the other day and had timed it well as your delivery had just been unpacked, so I got to have a good look at it all. Everything looked fantastic and it was so nice to see it in real life!

  3. So sorry to hear the news about A's Dad, really sad. As for the pop-up at Dogstar, I used to go there all the time (my flat in London was at the Oval) and in fact had my 26th Birthday party there.....sadly many years ago now! Glad the selling is going well. Beth/The Linen Cat x