Friday, June 17, 2011

Rocking and a Reeling...

Hello lovelies,
How are you ticking along?
We're still busy busy busy here, but it is wonderful! The last few days have helped us to realise that our StuffedNonsense dream is day.
We've come to realise a few things about our products. After placing an order for some more stuffing (which we buy in bulk) and finding out that it has gone up in price by about ten pounds (gasp!) we've had to come to the conclusion that a few of our prices are going to have to go up. Its a scary decision for us to come to because we don't want to lose out on customers, but through feedback we've had from friends and creative peeps our prices are too cheap anyway
(without even taking into account materials now costing more.) We're not going to put them up straight away (you've got about a week of normal prices) and when we do put them up its only going to be by a few pounds at the most. We hope your not annoyed or put off, StuffedNonsense's curios and creatures are of the highest quality and even with a little bit of an increase they are still super good quality and value!

Right...that's the boring business-y bit out of the way...would you like to see some cool stuff?
I'm in love with this super cute button soap available from Hello Crafty on Etsy...I don't think I could bring myself to use it.
This beautiful necklace is made by the wonderfully talented Emily Green, this lovely lady also has a delightful blog...why not take a gander?
Some followers out there will know of my appreciation for facial hair, and this guys beard is what first attracted me to him but on closer inspection the amount of detail is unbelievable. He's made by a talented lady called Rita Pinheiro and her etsy shop can be found here, I guarantee you wont be disappointed, she also has a blog here.

Rightio dearies, I must be off, i have an order for a lovely shop in leeds to finish off...
I'll leave you with this picture...
(They are taking over the studio!)


  1. Hello again, just stopping by as I haven't heard from you regarding the remaining pieces of my items. I would really appreciate a quick email just to let me know whats happening.


  2. Loving the wonderful creatures I found while browsing here! I've just found your site and I'm enjoying looking through your posts. For some reason, I really love a curly moustache on a rabbit. Great work!

  3. That button soap is amazing, I want to buy it for everyone I know!
    I think that's more than fair to put your prices up, a friend gave me one of your beautiful 'warm thought' thingies, I love him! I'm having some troubles pricing my items too, it's tres tricky trying to get a good balance. Hx