Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Off Times...

Today on my day off i saw...
Your eyes are not deceiving you! That is indeed 'Blue Sky', i'm sure you have heard of it before.
Some Moda fabric that i picked up at the boot fair; along with a vintage table cloth and apron it cost me the princely some of 50p! (theres about two meters of it!)

Today on my day off I did...

Making some samples to send to a seriously wonderful shop (but we're not going to say where case)
Soo please wish these guys good fingers are crossed very very very tight!

p.s. four more posts then theres a giveaway!!


  1. Ah yes the blue stuff - we had some of it today, it was very nice and hopefully will come back tomorrow. Good luck with the samples. Sue x

  2. You must have taken our blue stuff because it was gone this morning when I woke up:o( Wishing good luck to your gorgeous samples

    Kate x