Sunday, March 8, 2009

Just Checked in...

Afternoon everyone!Thought we'd pop by with some pictures of our new residents....
Here we have a lovely Pink Lady expert at plumping up tasty cup cakes...and then eating them afterward.

Also under special guard due to his anger issues is...


Hes a volatile young fellow. his doctor reports that his issues stem from the fact that he has short arms and cant reach anything. When he is calm he likes to sit outside a little cafe and enjoy a lovely cream tea.
We are having to slow up on the Internet sales this month as we are going to be appearing at the Lovely Little Cheltenham Craft Fair, and we want to be make sure we have a good collection of monsters for that. if your local to cheltenham why not pop over and say hello??
Also, lastly....some news. Recent departures are...
the rabble of dust bunnies which have all gone of to new homes,
the plump with wings who is now busy sorting out the pesky flat clouds,
the giant dust bunny who is now protecting a little boys bedroom,
and last but by no means least Colin has just been sold...not dispatched yet but hes packing his suitcase as we speak.
Righto! that's all for now!
Take Care
El and Bex

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