Thursday, October 7, 2010

Aren't Mums and Charity Shops Great?....

Even better if your mum volunteers in a charity shop and brings woolly wonders such as these when she visits!... I almost cried when she handed them over! and as a bonus she washed them so they smell of 'home'! There is now a definite need for a blanket box in the house!
And when she brought these exceptional flannelet sheets out I'm not ashamed to say that i did actually cried! They are soo soft.
Other wondrous items rescued from dusty charity shop shelves include....
A lovely brown horse shaped glass aftershave bottle, its an Avon one, i find it quite amusing that you would of had to take off its head to get any smell out (i imagine the smell would have been akin to Old Spice...or something like)
A fantastic old Kodak Camera with the orignal case.
A grumpy looking owl money box which i find appealing despite it looking quite naff....but in a good way.
Rightio, that's all for tonight....don't forget the giveaway!


  1. Those blankets are perfectly wonderful. :)

  2. Oh I envy you your beautiful flanelette sheets! What a wonderful mother!!

    Kate x