Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our Pretties in MADE.

MADE (Makers and Designers Emporium) is a lovely shop in Cirencester, which sells a lot of our designs.
Today I (Bex) popped in to take some pictures of our lovelies (El had work later in the day.)
It was such a lovely feeling to see our stuff out on display in a real shop, it made me even more eager for the start of July to be here all ready, by then we should have our OWN shop!!

Here you can see Bob, a basket full of Snoozes and a Cow Patch Plump...

Some of our cute button hair grips...

A basket full of Dust Bunnies, there were also some dust bunnies dotted around the shop (including in the shop window!!)

The Button Jewellery which you can see here is all ours (not the pretty flower brooches tho')

And a Soctopus...in the bottom right hand corner you can see one of tartan tearaways as well.

If any of you are local why not pop in, it really is such a lovely shop full to the brim with hand crafted items.

Right, I'm off to make some lovelies for the next craft fair
Take Care


  1. Hi Bex! Just wandered across from your other blog for a look and WOW all your stuff looks amazing! I love the soctopus but it all looks brilliant. It must be soooo exciting to sell your things in a shop :)

    Mel xxx

  2. I have just found your lovely blog. I have fallen in love with everything but especially the dust bunnies... so cute x