Thursday, June 18, 2009

If You Listen Carefully...

You can hear the sound of sewing machines sewing every night, the sound of people stuffing and stitching little creations on their lunch breaks, scissors snipping up vintage annuals, buttons getting sorted through and put back into the jars they came from and many many more noises!
We've both been crazy busy trying our best to get ready for the shop opening (11th of July if anyone's wondering...) Its been a bit busy to keep tabs on everything. Its not just the shop we're trying to organise. on the 26th of July we're going to watch a band, on the 27th its the next craft night in (Bead and Button Bracelet Tutorial), the next Lovely Little Cheltenham Craft Fair on the 4th of July...and sooooo much more!!
Sorry to have been a bit slack on the whole posting make it up to's a some picture of a Russian Visitor we have at the moment...

Her name is Katya and she is a Russian Olympic medalist...

We'll try to be back soon!!


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