Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dont Panic...We are Still Alive..

Hello to all our faithful followers out there. Thanks for hanging in there, sorry that there hasn't been much posting action going on around here. We are both still alive, just a bit busy tweaking the shop!! We thought it would only be fair if we showed you a little snippet of what we've been up to!!May we introduce you to Steve the cloud (on the bottom right) if you pop into the shop he will welcome you at the top of the stairs! we've also been having fun with some stencils and fabric paint with the 'Buttons are a girl's best friend' and 'eat your greens' shoppers being the outcome. The middle left picture shows some of the prints which we now sell for the very talented Alex
We think they brighten up the stairs perfectly. We've also been making some shabby chick stlye lavender hearts.
There's been a bit of re-jigging going on in the shop...nothing big just us fitting into the shop a bit better. There are now 4 sellers apart from ourselves you can find Lovely Lilly, Inkander, Diamond Lollipop and Bagladee .If there are any of you out there thinking you might like to have an outlet for the lovelies that you create then why not drop us a line and we will send you a copy of our terms and conditions? As a quick outline we take no commission what so ever instead we charge ten pound a month rent...if you don't want to carry on after a month that's no problem whats so ever. duties call. Have a lovely Saturday evening in the sun!


  1. Hey there! Cheers for all your lovely comments on my blog of late.
    Really good to hear you've been busy and see what you've been up to - Steve has to be my personal fave! :) x

  2. Woooo Hoooo its me again :D thanks, the shop looks fab. xx

  3. Hi Sarah, thanks for the offer of returning my mojo - lol! How exciting that you might have a little bit of Chambers & Beau coming your way - let me know.
    Lovely shop and delicious blog,
    Amy x