Thursday, September 24, 2009

Is It Just Us...

Or does listing items on Folksy make you really tired!!
We've just finished a marathon children themed listing session...phew! Now you can find a selection of seriously cute bibs....

And a creation of ours (nothing revolutionary we are sure!) called a 'dummy tamer' attached to your little ones dummy on one end and the other connects to your push chair/pram. We think their pretty cool anyways...

Thought we would give you a heads up, if you fancy any of these lovelies let us know that you join us on our blog and we will pop in an extra little lovely.

We also thought that you might want to know about an awesome magazine we have discovered called Cloth Magazine. You should check them out!

On that note,

good evening my dears



  1. no me's an exhausting business! X (ps I'm not sure why my name keeps showing up as a long number!! It's vicki) x

  2. Wow guys they are great! As a mum I'd find those dummy tamers really handy! :) x