Saturday, October 3, 2009

New Comings and Goings....

Hi there! How goes it with you guys? We thought we would delight you with some pictures of the last week dans en StuffedNonsense.
After a trip to Cardiff we returned with a lovely rug which we think brightens up the floor no end! what do you think?
We think that this weeks plushies look very cosy on it!
We finally found a big standing lamp in a local charity shop. we thought that we would have to find a new shade for it but once we got it into the shop we thought that it could be very handy for attaching El's postcards onto!
In other news...
Cloth Magazine is now available in our small but ohh so perfectly formed shop (did we mention that we are the only place in Cheltenham you can get this super fantastic magazine?) ohhh yeah, we nearly out for a little StuffedNonsense tutorial in the next issue (exciting isn't it!)
A future supplier to the shop also popped in with a few prints for us. Here's one of them...

Fancy aren't they?? you cant really see it here but the shading is done with individual pen strokes...I'm in awe of how this guy manages to draw like this! check out his website at

And last but by no means least, we met a young man who is helping to organise an art and design collective in Cheltenham. it is called Fear of Butterflies. Fingers crossed StuffedNonsense will be able to get involved!!
Righto, that's all for this week!
See you soon!


  1. the rug is a brilliant idea! it is wonderful how a brightly coloured rug can brighten up a room :D
    and love the use of the lamp as well :)

  2. Fabulous! I need that rug; I'm just on with painting Seth's room white with one lime green wall :D
    Loving the print too. What a talented guy. Xx

  3. Your stuff is so cute! And I love how you've used the lamp...

    Thank you for visiting my little blog