Saturday, October 24, 2009

This Weeks Comings and Goings...

Alright everyone? How are you all this rather damp day??
Things have been ticking along nicely in our little shop; and we have some newly acquired furniture....
How seriously cool is the little school desk and seat? Also...please note the superfantastic 'Selick' and 'Cute Shoes' on the top of the desk from one of new sellers called Laura Bath. We also picked up some seriously exciting brackets (we know how to live it up big around these parts!) but the brackets mean that we can have a few more shelves up and about the place which makes a difference.
We also had a new seller drop off her lovelies today, Jane Roberts. She makes lovely woolly hats and shawls as you can see
We also drew this months giveaway...well we say we but we were helped by our ohh so glamorous and bearded assistant Arthur. This months winner is...

Fran Lethbridge...Congratulations lady we will post out your parcel soon...Although with the strikes it might be a little bit late!

Righto, its five o'clock now which means StuffedNonsense is going to close its doors for a few days....until then lovely followers!


  1. I love the new hats! I might have another seller for you - a girl in Manchester who makes wonderful toys. Will pass on your details to her this week x A

  2. Hello ladies, I appear to have missed a load of your recent posts - hurrah! lots of lovely reading to catch up on. I have sent you along an award via my blog, I am pretty sure you may have already had it so please feel free to accept but don't pass along unless you want to. Hope that makes sense. Bethx