Sunday, November 21, 2010

Believe it or not...

we are still alive.
Some hectic times have descended upon StuffedNonsense and we are battling through and as is usual when stuff like this happens something has to give, in this case it was the little 'ol blog, but things are looking up so hopefully we can come and play here a bit more...hopefully!
i think anyone that makes stuff can testify that November and the start of December are crazy times...festive craft fairs are looming and folksy shops need stock in preparation for the purchase of Christmas presents (fingers crossed!)here at stuffednonsense we've been sewing up a storm making crabbittz and more crabbittz and dust bunny Christmas decorations and more dust bunny decorations and button jewellery and more button jewellery and....well you get the message right??
I've only got a few pictures for you which i some how managed to remember to take (and if I'm honest I'm not 100% sure if I've put these up on the blog my apologies if they are repeats!)
15 Crabbittz all sent off to MADE in Cirencester. As you can see we decided to carry on using both of the fabrics...and have now come across some beige woolly type fabric close to the original so i guess the Crabbittz are going to be coming to three shades!
This fine example of the Crabbittz breed is called Hannlore, she likes Astronomy and Poirot re-runs and some how by some miracle she's made it all the way into the folksy shop!Find her here if you want a tad more info on her.
This picture shows how much of a mess the desk gets into when we have to make jewllery...jars of buttons everywhere!
These guys are also up in the folksy shop. They are called Fat Bears and we think they are the cutest thing to come out of StuffedNonsense for a while.
The new dust bunny Christmas decorations, i was hoping to list these this afternoon but the pictures i have just aren't up to scratch so they will have to wait a little bit....but what do you think? good or bad?, yay or nay?
These are mini button wreath decorations...which are really hard to photo...we came up with these to help overcome the increasing population of white shirt buttons at the shop, they are just a metal ring packed full of white buttons with a few coloured ones thrown in for good measure, they have a pretty ribbon loop to hang from your tree...would you hang one in your tree??
Right...its time for me to off,such exciting things as food shopping and cleaning the bath room await me!

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