Sunday, December 12, 2010

We Have Some News...

We've been drafting this post in our heads over and over again for the past week or so.
We've had to come to an important decision at StuffedNonsense HQ and rest assured it is one which El and I have spent a lot of time going over. So with out further ado and a deep breath here we go...
As most of you probably know we have a bricks and mortar shop in Cheltenham. It is something we are immensely proud off...however by the end of January StuffedNonsense at 40 Albion Street will close its doors. Whilst it is incredible that we have a shop so early on in our creative adventure we have skipped soo many things in getting there. Things which are essential if we are to one day make a living off of StuffedNonsense. So with a heavy heart but with the knowledge that it is the right thing to be doing we are going to be closing up shop.
Rest assured...we will be back...with the bestest,awesomest, incrediblest shop; but for now the bricks and mortar is on hold.
The plan for the coming new year is to get some trade shows under our belt (and therefore...hopfully...some more stockists), take part in some more craft fairs further afield, sort out the blooming website (which has been on the list from the start!) and FINALLY give some sense of organisation to the Folksy shop.
We really hope that you will hang in there with us and that you understand why we've made this me its one of the hardest we've had to come too.
Sooo, i guess we finish this with...Watch this space...because given a year or too you will find StuffedNonsense in its own handmade haven on the high street...see you there.
Bex and El.
P.S. We went to Crafty Fox yesterday and had the time of our lives...Team StuffedNonsense pulled it off big time.


  1. Ahhh, what a shame! But it sounds as if you're making the right decision. A 'bricks & mortar' shop is such a huge commitment and before you know it can become the proverbial 'tail wagging the dog'. Regroup girls, you've got a great plan, and come back even stronger.
    Very best wishes,
    The Owl, the Hare & the Human (Murgatroyd & Bean) ;)

  2. thanks murgatroyd...we know its the best decision really...just a hard one to come to!

  3. Aw, what a pity, but sounds like you're doing a good thing. It must have been a tough choice to make. Looking forward to following your adventures in 2011 though! Onwards and upwards :)

  4. It may be sad to close the shop but you are doing the right thing if it means that you'll be back bigger and better. Some times it's a good thing to step back and go at it from another direction.

    Keep us all posted on every move you make, we're all rooting for ya xx

  5. Sorry to hear your news but glad you sound good with it and that you know what direction you are going in. As dropstitch wrote, onwards and upwards and I, for one, am looking forward to seeing it all unfold :)

  6. Your post on my blog was so nice, and means so much to me! I am sorry about you closing your brick and mortar store, you must have decided that with a heavy heart. Your Stuffed Nonsense is so fun. So fun! Good luck with the trade shows! I am certain you will do well.