Monday, December 27, 2010

Get In The Loop...or Hoop??

I've been trying to think up some wonderful new items for the per the plan of conquering the handmade Internet storm (in between feeling sorry for myself about the closure of the shop and other things.) whilst thinking up a stitchy storm i came across these handmade wonders.....
Embroidered Paper Lanterns by crazybutcute...i love the green one the best.
Lobster Embroidered Wall Art by tributary.
Booyah Giraffe Embroidery by kngo...I'm almost 100% certain that there is a need for this in my life....FACT.
Suitcase Stack by Moxiedoll...boy, this lady knows how to stitch...take a gander at her etsy shop for more delightful treats.
Large Wing Embroidery Hoop Wall Art by OneLittleRedFox...i think this is such a good idea. you can guess I'm looking to get some new embroidery ranges on the go...and some of you may have also guessed that as the above wonders are all from etsy; StuffedNonsense has opened up an etsy shop . Its a bit scary because etsy is soo big and we have also heard some scary tales about crazy competitiveness but we want StuffedNonsense to eventually pay our rent and its never going to do that unless we start being grown ups and doing scary things.
Anyway, i hope your Christmas was truly fabulous and I'll be back soon...
take care
Posted by Bex.


  1. Yey, good for you opening an Etsy shop, I have one too and it's great, Etsy has a really friendly community. I can't wait to see what you have for sale,
    Here is my shop:

  2. Thanks for featuring my lobster embroidery! Good luck with your shop!

  3. i love your selection!! thank you so much for including my embroidery! :p

  4. I was so sorry to hear about your bricks and mortar shop but good for you on your etsy shop. I love your stuff and I'm sure it won't get lost, in fact I'm going to find it now :o)