Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pictorial Review.

I like coffee a lot.
An interesting article on Jack Hudson's illustrations, in the recent Oh Comely (which is apparently now kept in the pregnancy section of my local W H Smith...Oh Comely is not about having I am confused by this).
Embroidery on a favourite grey dress (psssst...I did it myself.)
A stick forest drawn whilst battling the boredom of a day shift.
A nice label found in a pair of even nicer shoes... unfortunately they were not Arthur's size...but he liked them, and would have brought them if they were in his size.
A fabulous 100% silk blouse covered in brown elephants, which I couldn't leave the charity shop without...even though it wasn't my size and is in fact a good 5 sizes to big for me...(maybe I should take a leaf out of Arthurs book?)
The reflection of my spectacles taken whilst having another coffee (I told you I like coffee.)
New Christmas decorations...moustached shaped ones. What do you think?
More moustaches.

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