Thursday, September 22, 2011

Still Standing.

We're hoping that if we don't mention we haven't been here since forever you won't tell us how terrible we are at blogging.

I hope to bring you some pictures of the newly organised work space tomorrow and also some new pictures of new things, including a Giraffe In A Scarf...actually I believe that the words 'new things' should be replaced with the singular 'new things.'

Basically it has taken us a little longer than we expected to recover from The Thames Festival (which was a huge success!) Hats of to The Crafty Fox crew, those guys did amazing and were a true credit to themselves! Here's some pictures from the weekend...
StuffedNonsense by day...StuffedNonsense by night (if you look closely you can see Helper Number One...he's called John. Helper Number Two is called Arthur...but he's not in this photo.)
The view from StuffedNonsense's stall.
Our jam packed Monster Making Workshop.

We're back and functioning now, so you can expect some more posts and cyber activities (hopfully)
We will try not to let you down.

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  1. Hi, we were there! And I'm in the photo - that's the back of my head bottom right and next to me is my daughter! We loved making our monsters and I really must mention it in a post. Thank you!!