Friday, May 3, 2013

Quite Possibly The Biggest News Ever...

We've not been here much at all have we?
We're sorry...but we do have a rather incredible excuse for our extended absence.
We're opening a shop.
A real one.
Made from bricks and mortar.
With a door.
And it's own entrance.
We're a little bit excited about it...Can you tell?
Excited and terrified. 
For those of you that don't know the full StuffedNonsense story, we used to have a small studio shop in Cheltenham which we closed a few years back because it wasn't quite right.
We took a step back we licked our wounds, we learnt some pretty big life lessons and we got good at aspects of running a business that we weren't good at before, we took a deep breath and decided to try again.

Which brings us back to here...the 3rd of May...the day we announced to the world that we were trying again.

It's going to be called By The Yard, it is on St James Street, Cheltenham.
It will be full to the brim with handmade hand designed items and will also host many exciting crafty workshops.
We're hoping to open mid June (fingers crossed).

Soo...take our hands and join us for the next step on our journey.
Here's some pictures of what we've gotten ourselves into to...


  1. Fabulous! And amazing!
    Well done ladies.
    I'd love to be involved if you're interested in stocking any CharlieBEar Costumes things...

  2. Really great news, you must be so excited :) Beth/thelinencat

  3. Hurrah! Sounds exciting. Look forward to reading updates. :-)

  4. So chuffed for you both :) I'm sure it will turn out wonderfully! Can't wait to see how it looks, wishing you both the best of luck, so exciting! Safxxx

  5. Good luck I hope it all goes well and fingers crossed for a fruitful future! xx