Saturday, November 7, 2009

Comings,Goings,Stitchings and What Nots...

Hello Hello Hello.
Hope you guys are all ok.
Have you been to any lovely firework displays? There was a party at Bex's house on the 5th of was fun but there may have been one or two sore heads at the shop on Friday! We didn't let that stop us tho'....
This little stripey monkey was fresh off the machine today. El is quite the master of monkey creations. Hes not for sale just yet because we saving him for the craft fair. El also created a starry Bob and a crazy new black and red creation with the meanest side fringe (pictures to come soon!!) We are going to try our hardest to be super organised and have lots of lovely stock for the fair so our stall looks lovely! If you follow us over here and intend to stroll (or drive...its in Bristol after all) down, please say hello! Who knows...maybe you'll get a little discount?? (well we know.....and you will....hehehehe)
We also popped some new creations into our folksy shop.
Up on the web now you have....

Lionel the Disco Loving Lion...Boy! does this guy know how to dance!! He's been with us a while now so we thought we might let him stretch his long legs onto the wonderful world of the Internet.

We've also got this seriously cute long legged monkey. We've both fallen a little bit in love with this fella, but rather than keep him for ourselves we thought we'd give you the chance to hug him!

Also, finished but not photographed today were 6 fabric cuffs and 5 button strand necklaces!
Ohhh, we nearly forgot...we entered the folksy Upcycle Competition a while back, and today we finally listed our entry...

A Trio Of Winter Owls. They are made from a pair of lovely 98% wool trousers and a selection of lovely men's shirts. They also stack on top of each other too!The other items people have all ready listed all look super good and its for a very good cause, hopefully we can raise a few pennies for SueRyder.

Anyways....time to retire to the sofa!

Until next week followers!



  1. I'm loving the new creations!
    Am especially in love with the first monkey! :D

  2. I love your owls for the sue ryder folksy comp, I am half way through my entry and now feel the energy to finish it! Lovely sock monkeys as well.x

  3. I didn't realize you had a blog! SO cute! i just love Lionel he is quite fabulous! Good luck with the upcycle competition, hope your owls make it into the final selected! Xx