Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wish List Wednesday...

We've recently found ourselves in awe of the wonders available on the Internet, and have decided that we think it is only fair to let you lovely people know about said wonders. Sooooooo, we've came up with our first regular feature on our little blog (prepare yourself for a tacky name...drum roll please)
WISH LIST WEDNESDAY...(Taaaaadaaaaahhhhh)
Fingers crossed every Wednesday we hope to entertain and delight you with the treasures we have found on the world wide web. How does that sound??
the wonderful talent of Kate Wilson, would you look at her folksy shop, little doodles. We don't want to be naughty bloggers so we're not going to copy a picture from her shop in case she would rather us not to, but if you go and have a look at our facebook page there's a link to little doodles shop and a little picture came up there...or you could go and check out her shop for yourselves....go on its only a small step and we guarantee that you wont be disappointed. Her little birds are to die for...we are quite taken with George and his aspirations to be an Iced Gem. We think that Kate's eye for detail and unique style are timeless and we've added every item in her shop onto our Christmas list!!Check out her blog too...this lady has style!!
Some of you bloggers may have heard of Pip Lincolne and her blog (and shop!) called Meet Me At Mikes. Well a while back this immensely talented lady wrote and book called Meet Me At Mikes: 26 Fun and Crafty Projects.We haven't manage to get our paws on this book but if it is anything Pips blog we are sure you wont be disappointed. Lots of the projects were contributed by other lovely Australian bloggers and there blog addresses are at the back of the book which is great. You've got to love the blogs haven't you?! Our conclusion is that you should probably buy this book and be inspired by the photography and the super cool projects inside its lovely pages!
Lastly but by no means least we want to talk to you about the wonders of Richard Scarry. Richard Scarry was an Illustrator and writer, sadly he passed away in 1994. The way this man draws is wonderful, the colours are simply fantastic and the way that the animals he draws are so life like yet so simple is great!(Bex has a copy of one of his books and its one of her most prized possessions! )Here's a few examples for you...
(Taken from The Happy Homemakers Flickr pictures.)
(Taken from The Pinkpiggylux Flickr pictures.)

(Taken from Judibirds Flickr photos)

Cool Huh?
Right peeps, that's it for the first ever Wish List Wednesday....we must leave now so that we can find more lovely things for next Wednesday!!
Speak to you soon

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  1. Wonderful wish list!
    I'm smitten with george the iced bird too... and I've been wondering where I could find a bag of iced gem ever since I spotted him