Saturday, November 21, 2009

This Week In Our Shop...

Hello lovelies, How are you all?
We've had a busy week at the shop...furious stitching all over the place! We know we've mentioned that we are doing a craft fair in Bristol (Bristol Folk House) Well the other day a lovely lady came in and asked us if we wanted to do this craft fair in one of the local university campus's on the 3rd of looks great so we've jumped on bored. Now we have loooooaaaadssss of work to do but it will all be worth it! So with the 3rd of December nipping at our heels we managed to make...

Lots more plumps, this time there are stripy ones!Lots of fabric cuff braceletsAnd these we're not sure what these are so we have decided to call them cat rabbits...imaginative isn't it! they all have moustaches too...just to make them even stranger!Sorry this picture isn't the right way round.... we cant seem to turn it around on the computer. but these are new coin purses, they have a tape measure sewn onto either side of them. There are another two made but we had run out of tape measures so they have fabric panels and ribbon instead. We also made (but didn't photograph 10 quote brooches and 3 tell tails!) We aren't going to list any of these on Folksy but if there are any of them you like then please let us know!

We re-arranged things a little bit today and made space for a new display we are going to do every month at the shop...a featured seller. Decembers one is going to be Bagladee. Emma has been in the shop for a few months now and we are pleased to be selling her lovelies to the folks of Cheltenham. Watch this space we will have an interview and more pictures for you next week!

Righto, time to go and fall asleep on the sofa! (we've had quite a few extra hours at our day jobs...blooming new moon making it busy! so we are both shattered!)



  1. Hehe, loving the cat-rabbits, they're fun! Also I like the purses very much with their tape measure round the top that is such a good idea! Xx

  2. Yey its me again :D just finishing the questionnaire ladies and I'll get it sent back to you. Big Hugs to you both for being sooooo fab!!! xxx

  3. ohhhhh! love the plushies, and the new coin purses. love the tape measure touch :)

  4. Hi guys!
    Good to read you are funky dory and stitching madly.
    I hope the shop and craft fairs are going well. Xx