Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Bestest Indoor Picnic Ever!!

Phew!! we've just about recovered from a very busy indoor picnic! The monster making table went down a storm! we were a bit concerned about the snow so we decided to take our first ever business trip! (fan fare please!) We took loads of pictures on the way so that you could join us on our journey....

First we waited for a train in the cold...hence the woolly hats...(that's el on the left and that's bex on the right)

Bex read some Wolverine comics on the train (that's right shes 23 and reads comics...)

The hotel we stayed in was super fantastic...It had an I Mac in the room!!!

And a free sewing kit! Bex found it hidden in the wardrobe!

After we had explored our room we headed into the bright lights (and very slippery pavements) of the City! We went for dinner at an ace pub called Start The Bus....Bex discovered (as Merry and Pippin did in Lord of the Rings) that 'They come in pints!?'

On the way back we got hopelessly lost....that's why bex has a 'I'm lost in the snow and I'm cold' face on.

We woke fresh as daisies the next day (in the hotel...not the park we got lost in) ready and raring to show the good people of Bristol how to make little monsters StuffedNonsense style.
Here is our modelled by Bex.

We were very busy ALL day....and we forgot the key ingredients for a we sewed for six hours straight with nothing but ginger cake and tea in our belly's.

Look how busy the picnic was!

Pictures of the monsters made coming soon...


  1. Looks great fun, can't wait to see the monsters!

  2. oh yay it looks fab! Glad you had a good time. Will try to pop in the shop today or tomorrow now the snow is disappearing! x

  3. This looks like so much fun! Would have loved to be there. Please do one near surrey next time, hehe Xx