Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bristols Biggest Indoor Picnic...

Just hearing those four title words sounds exciting doesn't it?! It gets better, what would you think if we told you that if you were to come to this super fantastic event you will find...Monster Making, T-Shirt Customising, Toy Enhancing, Blind Drawing, Doodling, Knitting AND Origami Animal Making?? We thought so!!
This event promises to be mind blowingly amazing....did we mention we're going to be the ones doing the Monster Making? Yep, we are going to be there for the whole event showing all the lovely people how to make some super cute felt plush are a few examples of the lovelies you could create at our little stall...

O.K. lets run you through this motley bunch...

Up top you have Incy Wincy...he's perfectly harmless and, due to his ethical views, eats only vegetables (he feels terrible for the poor little flies which he would normally survive on) Then you have Little Mousey, shes a very cute little critter who likes to spend her time eating cupcakes.Then there is Flutterby, shes an award winning Contralto opera singer.This guy is simply called Red Critter, hes a very upbeat young man who enjoys coastal walks.And last. but by no means least, we have Flower Belly. Shes a very shy young lady who loves hugs.

We will be at the Trinity Centre for all of the event and would love to meet any of you if you are able to come promises to be a marvellous event. Check out the facebook page for more info, its happening to celebrate the launch of The Love Of It website. If you haven't seen this website before then why not head over and check it out...the thought behind is wonderful...your guaranteed to be entertained and leave with a smile!

Anyway...hope the snow isn't weighing you down too much!!

Really hope to see some of you on Sunday



  1. Ooh this sounds lovely! Be sure to take lots of photos - I wish I was close enough to Bristol to attend! x

  2. OMG!!! I love Incy Wincy. He's just the best! So many leggiiiiiies! Hehe...Good luck with your monster making Xx