Wednesday, January 27, 2010

An Idea and a Propostion...

Evening all! how have things been treating you?? we were wondering if it would be OK for us to run an idea past you all...OK? right we go....
As we are sure you all know, the recent events in Haiti have been devastating. The suffering that is going on there is terrible and we've been feeling a bit helpless. we don't have lots of money so cant really donate money to any of the many charities. We know they say every little helps and what not but we feel that we may be able to do something a bit more substantial. We have come across a few etsy shops who are donating all money made to the Haiti cause...we know the lovely lady who is organising this one, the money raised going to DoctorsWithoutBorders. This got us to thinking that perhaps we could set up a day in our shop where any money made from the sale of certain items goes to a similar charity. We also started to think that we could perhaps make a bit of an event out of it...we're thinking cups and saucers,bunting,party rings,streamers etc etc.
The next bit is where you wonderful people may come in to it...are there any of you who would be willing to donate a few bits and pieces (made by your own fair hands) to be sold in our shop? As a shop we never ever take commission or triple prices...normally all we ask for is £10 a month rent, however we don't want to do this for this event. what do you think? you would get to see some of your wonders in a bricks and mortar shop (a super feeling!! we can assure you) for free! we are hoping that there are a few of you that might be interested.The prices of any of the donated items will of course be set by the maker and as mentioned we will put on/change nothing.
The plan would be to advertise the day (which will probably be a Saturday) all over the land that is Cheltenham, crack open the tea party for about 12 (although people could get into the shop to buy and browse from 10am). Hopefully lots and lots of people will come and buy lots and lots of Haiti items and we can raise lots and lots of money for the cause.
We are thinking that any of the items which don't sell on the day can either be posted back straight away or stay in the shop until they sell...we also toyed with the idea of opening a folksy shop to sell from...we would pay the 20p listing fee ourselves. At the moment we're leaning toward a combination of the last two (keeping the items in the shop and also registering them on folksy)
For those of you that think you might be interested but are a bit wary of the items being in the shop rest assured, everything is insured and we all ready have five other people selling in the shop we are good to our word!! We can also send you over a copy of the contract we normally give to everyday sellers in the shop...we can alter it so it works for only a few items...that way you know what we always promise to do and you have something a bit more binding.
I think that's all the main points typed out, if its not anyone's cup of tea then i think we will still do it...just with all of our hand made wonders but we think it would be a great opportunity for everyone out there to give it a go! If your up for it drop us an email at
Of course all of you are invited!!
We will finish up with a little snap of some new embroidered pictures that we are working on....

The Crabbittz have well and truly landed in the shop!!

Speak Soon


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  1. Yey yey yey I would be totally up for this!!! Tis a great idea! When will you be doing it?
    Wish I lived closer to Cheltenham though, then I could visit you :-)

  2. Oh...should I e-mail you as well? Just noticed that part. I think you will have guessed I'm up for it though!Xx