Wednesday, February 3, 2010

HandMade For Haiti...

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I would like to apologise for the previous wordy post....I was typing as i was thinking (BIG mistake) However StuffedNonsense is back with a more concise post full of information about a super wonderful charity event we have planned. soooo...drum roll please!
HandMade For Haiti.
HandMade for Haiti will be on Saturday the 27th of February and it is an exclusive shopping day for anyone who is able to come. we are going to pack our little shop to the rafters with handmade awesomeness. All money raised will go the section of UNICEF which is dealing with earthquake victims of Haiti.
When we say exclusive shopping day what we mean is that we will kit out our shop in the style of village tea party. so prepare yourself for bunting, cups and saucers, cakes, party rings, tea, 1920's music and other such wonderful things.
As well as our own hand made items we will also be stocking some extra special bits and pieces from a wealth of other very talented designers and makers. all ready confirmed are NellieD2, Wollies and LouPeajeux...fingers crossed we will be able to offer the people of Cheltenham a right 'ol shopping shindig.
If any of you lovely people reading this would like to donate some items please get in touch! rest assured we will take no money from you (or the sale of your item) and will return your items (if they don't sell on the day) two weeks after (in case we can persuade people to buy at a later date!)

O.K. onto some pictures. As some of our readers may know we also sell our stuff in a super cool shop in Cirencester (a local village) called MADE. This shop is wonderful, its like a trip to a sweet shop whenever we take new stock to them. Well they rang us earlier in the month asking for some new lovelies, we jumped to our stations and sewed furiously until our sewing machines could sew no more! ( the poor things!)...Crabbittz's and Snoozes (without there assured they were sewn on that night!)Normal DustBunnies and DustBunny key rings.Warm Thoughts (i like how lost and confused the little one at the back looks)

We also sent up a few more bits and pieces, and are going to be going for another trip in the next few weeks!

Right...that's it for tonight folks. watch this space for an interview with the ohh so talented Bagladee and more info on HandMade for Haiti.

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  1. Aw,..these are all absolutely beatiful! Just wondering whether you have an online shop?

  2. yep yep, we do, its