Saturday, February 27, 2010


Well...we said we would raise some money for Haiti...
And boy did we do it! A HUGE thank you to every one who helped out today, the sellers, the customers, our friends, arthur for making tea, john for carrying bags of cakes, rich for taking photos (not the ones you will see here..yet..he has a fancy camera so there will be better ones to come soon!) We made a fabulous (drum roll please..) £240 for UNICEF to go towards the relief they are providing in Haiti as we speak.
'Well, this all sounds wonderful' i can hear you say 'but what about some pictures?' Ohhh alright then...

TaaDaa...the first batch of cakes done!

A Tea break...i swear i am not eyeing up the wonderful Victoria sponge...honest.

Some of the other baked wonders. Don't worry...the cakes were lovely but we aren't going to open a bakery instead of running our shop. We were baking these beauties until half ten...which is probably responsible for Bex looking like this this morning...

But on the other hand it was responsible for all of these lovelies cakes. the giant cookie was donated by the lovely Mrs Smith (or Bex's mum)...

We thought we would finish up with some pictures of the lovelies which were so very kindly donated by NelliD, Lou Peaujeux, Oh badgers, and Wollies....

NelliD's wonderful jewellery...The coolest buttons and brooches from Wollies.Awesome badge sets from loupeaujeuxSome cards from Bobbie Thomas.Just a sampler of some of the awesome screen printed cards from OhBadgers.

Well, I'm afraid I'm in danger of falling asleep at the laptop so that's all for now...

thank you!


Posted by Bex


  1. Well done!!! Such a great thing to do and for such a good cause. Really glad it went well, the goodies look great as do the cakes :)

  2. Yes well done, you ladies did a fantastic job!! You should be ever so proud. Hugs, Emma x

  3. Oh wow!! Well done! It looks like you had a fabulous day xo

  4. Aw everything is so beautiful and the cookies look so yummy! Well done you for raising so much for Haiti too!! :)

  5. Brilliant! Wish I could have made it down, your shop looks like a veritable treasure trove of loveliness! xx