Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Do You Know About...

The rather talented and lovely artist/illustrator Amanda Visell?
We didn't until yesterday when i came across her book on a birthday trip to Bristol, i very nearly brought one of her books but opted out (and brought a wind up tin robot you do). Luckily i jotted down her name so i could do a bit of research later...would you like to see??? i think her stuff is rather good....This one is called Carniverous Giraffe.
I'm not sure what is about her work that i like so much, i think some of it is the simplicity of it all, her work reminds me of Richard Scarry in some ways, but i think that's down to the colours used.

This one is called Evil Poopicorn.
I'm quite taken with the eyes that the creatures have on some of her've got to love the sleepy eye.

This one is called Birthday Dragon.
I had to put this one in because a) it is amazing and i would like it very much and b) i like dragons a lot...but only nice ones...not the nasty dragon war ones (this probably has something to do with the fact that at least once a year i re-read some fantasy books i first read when i was around 14...I'm now 24 and should probably consider growing up some time.....or not!)

Anyway, that's Amanda Visell, i hope you like!
Lots going on around here...
A little move around in the shop
The beginnings of a new embroidered moustache picture range (ohhhh that sounds exciting doesn't it)
Lots of felt buying for the Wychwood Festival (if your going please come and say hello...we will show you how to make a real cool monster we will!)
Ohhhh yeah...and freaking out about the whole weekend and the fact that the two of us are responsible for bunches of people, felt, needles, thread, buttons etc etc for ten whole hours!!!

Until next time lovelies


P.S. we found the pictures on BamPop's Flickr and also PrettyinPlastic


  1. you're never too old to enjoy books with dragons in!

    I'll be at Wychwood, I may have to come and say hi :)

  2. What a super discovery! Good luck at Wychwood!

  3. I hadn't heard of her but she's awesome! I do like a cheeky animal... although I'm not sure about the boy being eaten by a giraffe hee hee

    Thanks for your comment the other day, you are too sweet!

  4. Ooh dragons! But what I really came over to say was that I saw you were in SewHip and will be interviewed next month - that's very cool!

  5. Hello!
    I love this illustrators work, anything with bright colours and simple shapes is a winner in my book.

    Nice blog, I'll drop by again.

  6. Ooooh; she does funky stuff, eh! Cheers for sharing. Xx