Monday, June 28, 2010

Familiar Faces...

Hello out there? How are you all...not too burnt we hope?(i grew these in my garden dont'cha know?...)
We have been preparing for two craft fairs we are doing this after the other...this could prove to be a bit fact we are fairly sure that we could eliminate the 'could' from that sentence and replace it with a 'will'.
The manic levels of making which always accompany StuffedNonsense whenever we prepare for craft fairs resulted in the production of some lovely dustbunnies, which are like old friends now. They were one of the first things El and I made together as StuffedNonsense. The first one we made was huge (we remember him fondly!). The design has changed a little bit since then, they are now fairly small and cuter for it we think.

Some of the dustbunnies have taken it up a level and now come equipped with key rings...ohh yes they are definitely living it up in the 21st century!
The fair which we are at on Saturday is at a school so we thought we might come up with some bits that kids would like, which is why we made these sweet little flowery headbands...

We thought that the girlie's would like them and perhaps some trendy mums maybe?
Well, that's it for today. will try and take some more snaps of bits and pieces for you later on in the week!


  1. Love all of it!! Good luck for both the fairs :)

    Mel xxx

  2. the flowers are so pretty..i love flowers straight from the garden xx

  3. The flowers are amazing:) Hope you have a very successful go at the fairs:)

  4. Just received this months copy of Sew Hip, congratulations ladies on a fantastic feature!! Em xx

  5. ooh I love the hair bands!

  6. Very cute bunnies! The floral accessories are cute too! :)

    ♥ Teresa ♥