Monday, June 21, 2010

Eye Candy Anyone??

Fellow bloggers and fans...
we feel that it is essential that we let you know about something wonderful, and we are ashamed to say that we have known about it for a while but have been selfish and not told you about it for some time. please please please forgive us, we have come to our sense and now realise that it is only fair that we let you in on it.
We are, of course, talking about the INSANE skills of Abigail Brown. we're sure that some of you all ready know about this very talented lady but for those of you who don't she makes wonderful fabric bird sculptures that look like this...

I can only marvel about the level of skill required to make these beauties. it is now one of ambitions to own one of her feathered creations.
As is usual with us creative types Abigail also makes other delights...
Which means that i now need this little fella as well as a bird, they are both a necessity!!
So ladies and gentlemen we can now leave the laptop with a clear conscious because we have let you in on our feathered discovery...what do you think??
In other news....
We are busy trying to prepare for a craft fair filled weekend on July the 4th and 5th...except we took dear old Nina in to be serviced so that she would be in tip top condition for the flurry of activity we predicted but there's a chance she wont be with us in time!!! eeeekkkkk!! I'm sure all will be fine and she will be with us safe and sound before too long.
I've been giving myself a hernia over a dentist phobia which is going to have to be confronted sooner rather than later...i took a positive step today though and registered with an NHS one (which specialises in anxious customers!)
We have been preparing for a Ma and Pa Smith visit (and apparently they come laden with wonderful vintage gifts...i have heard rumours of hand embroidered aprons, scrabble sets, children's books and china! mother like daughter hey?!)
We will hopefully be welcoming two new sellers to our lovely little shop, we will let you know a little bit more on that when we can take some snaps of the wondrous items!!
Anyway! I'm going to go apply a splash of after sun to my right shoulder, the only part of me that caught the sun today!!!
Have a lovely evening!

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  1. These and just beauuutiful! Tweet tweet! I love the blue tit especially - I wonder if I bought one could I request it also came with a little white aftro wig, as per my blue tit illustration? :P Thank you for sharing this talented lady!

    The gifts from your Ma and Pa sound potentially wondrous, I am most envious. When I was living away from home, my Ma used to visit baring chili con carne in freezable trays. Useful, but not as exciting. Good luck with the dentist! xx