Thursday, May 20, 2010

Five Things We Like This Week....

O.K, so we realise that this blog is tad on the boring side sometime (there's only so many times we can tell you that we've been sewing lots at the shop right?) So we decided to join in with Pips Five Faves (we are sure that you lovely people all ready know about this crazy cool, super talented lady, but if you don't may we suggest you head over to her blog and take a sneaky peak...her shop is all that we hope StuffedNonsense could be!)
Sooo, here are our five things this week...
1. We've spent a lot of this week drooling over the mad skills of Cat Rabbit, we love the many wonderful details on her work and they just look wonderful, please can we have them all??
2. We think that anything the talented Murgatroyd and Bean makes is great but we are especially taken by these gorgeous brooches...

3. Hunting out charity shop finds of the embroidered birds in frames kind...

here you can see Franz, the incense smoking man...another charity shop find. i tried to tell him that i was just taking a picture of the birds but he wouldn't have it.
4. This wonderful knitted head band bow...for those of you who don't know, I have rather a lot of hair and at the moment am a fan of the 'scrapping it up into some sort of bun thing and hoping for the best!' method of hair presentation, so feel that something like this lovely creation would really help my cause...

Its from the talented Dolly Knits on Folksy.

5. And last but by no means least...have you heard off Gemma Correll? Woweeeee does this lady know how to draw! we are in love with here pocket mirrors; and to top it off shes from Norwich which is close to where i am from!

Well dearies, that's it for today. we hope this was a tad more interesting then normal broadcasts!Time to go to the shop and make things!


  1. Thanks for including M&B in your top 5 Faves ladiez... happy stitching! ;-)

  2. embroidered birds are beautiful... a lovely read : ) xx