Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Not Too Many Words...

Alright people?? We've been rather busy in a "ohh bugger is the craft fair really that soon!" kind of way...
lucky for you (or un-lucky...i'm not very good with the camera!) we made time to take a few snaps of the many processes we've had going on upstairs!!
Ready yourself ,my dears,for a riot of pictures which will aptly demonstrate what it is we have been doing!...

Un-packing and putting out hand made wonders from the talented lady that is Lou Peajeux, here is her folksy shop, and here is her blog...say hi...shes a nice lady.

Sitting in that patch of sunlight and making that pile of Crabbittz...

Continuing to sit in that patch of sun and stuffing Crabbittz...

Still sitting in that patch of sun...but this time admiring a rather lovely font we came across whilst making envelopes out of old books.

Making lots and lots and lots of Tell Tails and Crabbittz....we made soo many El could only just pick them all up at once! (please note the rather handsome huge grey Tell Tail...we are both quite taken with him.

Over coming the fact that we didn't have enough trusty brown card to package up our new scrabble necklaces by using some rather scary happy families cards...which we brought but got scared by the pictures so didn't use....but any way, what do you think about the necklaces??Playing with old jigsaw puzzles and making them into you see the one that has a lovely parrot on it (right there on the left)?Admiring our previously empty 'stock for craft fair box' (please note the lovely looking bunting which was,excuse my french a bitch to sew). i accidentally brought bias binding that was thinner than the stuff I'd used before...and i also used thicker fabric, the consequence being i swore lots and lots, abused poor old Nina's ears and got thoroughly fed up...but its all good, cos i made something pretty!Arthur got in on the action and tagged up this rather rowdy bunch...if you listen carefully you can hear them telling everyone all of the gossip they now...well....they have to do something with here huge mouths i guess!

Right...that's it for now, we will try to remember a camera to take some pictures of the stall but if any of you have seen us on the morning of a craft fair then you know that it is a miracle that we manage to remember the stock yet alone a camera!!



  1. lol, you will be hunky dory at the fair girlies! this tell tales are just fantastic! can't wait till friday! love love.xx

  2. thankyou lady! we're looking forward to it's just a bit manic is all!

  3. Wow lots of new things!
    Such a great idea to use the playing cards instead of brown card, and I absolutely love the necklaces - must have the 'S' one!!

  4. Amazing! How do you find time to make everything and find ideas of what to make?!

    Great inspiration yet again! :D

  5. I really like the necklaces but the playing cards are scaring me slightly...!

  6. Lovely to see all your stuff, I have been missing my SN and BB blog posts, but having seen how busy you've both been I totally understand why. Love the scrabble necklaces, great idea. Bx

  7. I love the necklaces and the jigsaw bracelets AND the playing cards!