Sunday, May 16, 2010

Phew!! have we been busy?
we rather foolishly forgot about some stock we had promised to MADE, so after a phone cool from one the lovely Louise politely asking when we would be able to send the stock over to them, we launched ourselves into a frantic sewing frenzy. seriously...if you had looked carefully you would have seen smoke coming from poor old Nina (the trusty and wonderful singer we do all of our sewing on), and in the words of dottie angel, el is now suffering from a CCSI (we are sure that lots of you know about the wonderful blog and skills of dottie angel but if there are any of you who don't, we strongly suggest you drop on by because the lady's skill is amazing, her house is wonderful, and her dog is the cutest thing the whole world)
We've also been super busy with about a million other is a list of things we are busy at
1.trying to make stock for a craft fair we are due at on the 28th
2. planning the craft night in for the 29th
3.worrying about and trying to organise a tutorial/making session we are doing at the Wychwood Music Festival, which is very local to us.
4. trying to remember to apply to all of the craft fairs we have enquired about
5. busy forgetting to send out giveaway parcels
6.trying to plan when we can make a catalogue to send to this rather wonderful sounding shop
7. trying not to think about how wonderful it would be if said shop did sell our stuff
8.getting excited about Bex's birthday (but that's mainly me who has been doing that)
and forgetting many other things whilst writing this post.
just a little snap of some craft fair stock in the making.
Thanks for hanging in there with us, and just so you know...we are dead chuffed that you are here to accompany us on this journey to making a proper living off of our shop, we hope you enjoy your trip!
Anyway...there some washing that needs to be hung out and some Lord of the Rings that needs watching (for the millionth time...and that's only a slight exaggeration.)
Until next time!


  1. I am really enjoying following your journey to retail success. I am also picking up tips along the way becasue (like so many of your followers I would imaginge) having a shop to sell my art and craft is my own dream. Good luck!

  2. wow, you are busy! good luck with all your projects, hopefully I'll be there on 29th for the craft night in :D